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Prague - Vienna UNESCO, 8 day, self guided


Day 1: Arrival to Prague
This day(s) is/are yours to explore the "Paris of the Central Europe". Relax or have a unique Prague-by-bike tour. The tour is guided by Prague natives - who truly love the city and can reveal much more than any travel book – all safely by bike and finished by a mug of good beer in a carefully chosen place. Do not hesitate to ask us for this extra tour – it is our clients favorite! If time is not your worst enemy, we do propose you stay in Prague more days to fully explore its beauty and hidden corners. Feel free to ask us about more nights or other attractions!

Day 2: Nymburk – Kutná Hora, 42 km
Morning transfer from Prague to Nymburk. On a pleasant and easy bike trail we'll roll along the river to the spa town of Poděbrady and continue to the old royal town of Kolín with its ornate Renaissance synagogue. From Kolin we will leave the Elbe River and bike to one of the UNESCO Heritage sites on our "to do list" – the old silver mining capital, Kutná Hora. Through the Middle Ages it was one of the most important towns in the kingdom, extremely rich due to its silver coin mint and location on trades routes. Thanks to all this we can relax in the cozy old town comprised of fascinating Medieval and Baroque structures. Crowning it all is the stunning St Barbara's church – a real jewel of Gothic architecture!

Day 3: Kutná Hora - Pardubice, 53 km
Before we leave Kutná Hora we will visit an extraordinary venue – the Sedlec ossuary whose decorations were created using the bones of more than 30 000 dead people, making it a curious and macabre exhibition. Just before we return to the Elbe, we can visit a lovely Classical-style chateau, Kačina. Rejoining the river we pedal to the Kladruby national stud farm, which has produced exceptional horses since the 16th century. In the afternoon we'll bike along the Buňkov lake, taking a pause to relax on the beach or even swim . Today's last stop is the medieval town of Pardubice. A charming, quiet old town with a nice chateau and old lanes, but home of the SEMTEX plastic explosive as well. For those looking for something sweet - you've found it! - Pardubice is the Czech capital of traditional gingerbread.

Day 4: Pardubice - Litomysl, 61 km
The roads rise and fall as we leave the Elbe for good, but they are full of beautiful sights. First we can visit or just enjoy the view of the mighty castle Kunětická Hora. After that we join a smaller river, Loučná, following it to the village of Vraclav and its memorial to the Vršovec noble family, slaughtered here by the royals in the 12th century. Next stop is the town of Vysoké Mýto; today the hub of bus construction, its much longer history is displayed by a beautiful town square and nicely preserved city gates. Today's lodgings are in the UNESCO protected town of Litomyšl, home of a fantastic Renaissance chateau with stunning gardens. Litomyšl is also the birthplace of the renowned composer Bedřich Smetana, a man celebrated every year with a classical music festival - a highlight of the Czech cultural calendar.

Day 5: Litomysl – Brezová nad Svitavou - Brno, 50 km
Today you have two options - the shorter goes directly to the town of Svitavy from which you can take the train to Brno and have most of the day to explore the lively Moravian capital. Sites include the beautiful cathedral and the UNESCO-protected Villa Tugendhat. If biking green countryside is your preference, follow the river Loučná through some tiny villages and take a little detour to the charming town of Polička. It has the best-preserved medieval walls in the Czech Republic and a very good brewery. Continue biking to Březová nad Svitavou, where you'll catch the train to Brno to enjoy your evening.

Day 6: Brno - Mikulov, 60 km
For most of our day's journey south we can follow the river Svratka which makes for both a gentle ride and easy navigation. Our first and very pleasant stop will be Rajhrad with its fantastic 11th-century monastery. Passing Zidlochovice and its chateau, we pedal into the real heart of Moravia, full of vineyards and wine cellars. After crossing the huge Nové Mlýny dam, we can start wine tasting, or perhaps learning something about the ancient history of the area and the iconic Stone-Age statue of the Venus of Vestonice. We can then choose to climb the Pálava Hill or bike around it - both routes are lined with family wine cellars - to arrive at a hidden gem, the town of Mikulov.

Day 7: Mikulov - (Lednice/Valtice Grounds) – Mistelbach - Vienna, 45 (70) Km
This day is dedicated to biking in the beautiful region of the Lednice/Valtice cultural landscape. From Mikulov, we will bike along the former Iron Curtain Road to the royal town of Lednice to explore the fantastic former lands of the Lichtenstein family. Centuries ago, swamps were carefully turned into parks and ponds connecting the stunning chateaux of Lednice and Valtice while hiding numerous smaller structures among woods and streams. Finally in Austria we will bike through the Herrnbaumgarten Village, famous for its poetic museum of nonsense, all the way to the wine museum in Poysdorf, where you will have a chance to complete your weeks' wine "education"! Then we will pass through Wilfersdorf with its chateaux.

We will conclude our day in Mistelbach, from where bikers will take a train/car transfer to Vienna.

Day 8: Vienna 

In case you are interested, we can arrange tour guiding services for you or help you to extend your stay that is strongly recommended in this magnificent city, former capital of the Habsburg Monarchy, town of the waltz and opera.

Date and prices:

01. 04.  - 31. 10. 2019

excl. luggage transportation
Accommodation                Cat. B Cat. A
Double bedroom                 510 €      755 €
Single bedroom                 705 €   1020 €
incl. luggage transportation
Accommodation                Cat. B Cat. A
Double bedroom                  770 €   1015 €
Single bedroom                  965 €  1280 €



  • Cat. A: 3- to 4-star hotels with breakfast
  • Cat. B: comfortable B&B to 3-star hotels with breakfast


  • 7 x Accommodation with breakfast in the category of your choice
  • 1x Transfer 2nd day Prague - Nymburk /Trainticket in case of the tour without luggage transport/
  • 1x Trainride 5th day
  • 1x Transfer 7th day Mistelbach - Vienna /Trainticket in case of the tour without luggage transport/
  • Luggage transport – your luggage is picked up every day from your accommodations and brought to the next hotel or pension
  • A comprehensive information package with insider tips and sights that should not be missed, including detailed maps
  • Hotline


Bike rental  10 € / day
E-Bike rental  24 €/ day
Bike delivery + collection to/from Prague

on demand

GPS with battery charger rental  20 €/ day
Underground car parking in Prague  10 € / day

  • Extra night in Prague 
  • Accommodation      Kat. B Kat. A
    Double bedroom       42 €   57 €
    Single bedroom       65 €   84 €
  • Extra night in Vienna 
  • Accommodation      Kat. B Kat. A
    Double bedroom       60 €     85 €
    Single bedroom       95 €   145 €




Country: Czech Republic, Austria
Tour category: Bike tour
Days: 8 days
Route length: 320 km
Stage length: 50 km
Difficulty: 2,5 of 5
Accomodation: cat. A, B
Board: Breakfast


from 510 €


+ 420 724 006 865